This has been an AMAZING experience that pictures, videos and words can barely describe.  Every facet of the Ireland Tour was exceptionally memorable and meaningful.  To have so many things go according to plan was such a blessing and provided a huge return on the investment of time and funds.  Without a doubt each tour participant has had an experience of a lifetime and has grown in unique and wonderful ways from exposure to such a rich history, panoramas and cultural experiences.  The performances were truly world class and provide evidence that our student performers have grown both in vocal independence and togetherness.   

As a director I am very pleased with the world class artistic and technical standard achieved in each of the three international performances.  As an educator I am pleased that our students received an education they could never receive in the classroom.  Having a hands on interaction with cultural history from medieval times to the present in a European country is priceless.  As a mentor I am pleased by witnessing personal growth in young people that see the benefits of risk taking, being open minded, showing care for each other, living responsibly, living curiously, and reflecting on personal experiences in a way that leads to personal growth.  

Home, but changed.

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