We had a very nice and long visit at St Kevin's Monastery.  Incredible sights to see throughout this medieval grounds.  Lot's of pictures coming home from students' cameras from this outing today!

ellen west
2/11/2013 14:56:37

Gorgeous scene and Jocelyn you look beautiful

Laura Deck
2/11/2013 15:19:39

Great pic! Glad you all made it safe!

Liza Bivens
2/11/2013 16:47:48

What an awesome chance of a life time!!! I'm so glad that we will see our children while they are there...(I miss my daughter already!) Have fun and be safe!!! I Love You, Dakota!!!
Love Mom

Mary Kalohn
2/12/2013 13:27:42

Hope you all are having a blast. Sorry you're not feeling good Emily. Hope you feel better soon. Dad says hi too!


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